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‘Maker’s Block’ Remedies

You’ve probably heard of ‘writer’s block’ but believe me when I say there is also such a thing as ‘maker’s block’. If you’re a crafter or an artist, you have probably already experienced it. When you sit down to make something and feel completely uninspired or your mind feels blocked of creativity and new ideas. Here I give some remedies to said block. This is the ‘How to get your creative Mojo back!’ list of things to try.

1. Self care

Take time to heal mentally and physically. Slap on a face mask and rest that aching back (from hunching over your latest project for hours) with a hot bath and a glass of wine. Stay in bed for a few extra hours to catch up on your z’s and Rupaul’s dragrace or chill with a good book by the crackling fire. Whatever it is that makes you feel a bit more recharged.

2. Try a different creative output

Sometimes putting pressure on yourself to make money from a craft can zap your creativity. But having a go at a creative medium you haven’t tried or long forgotten with no pressure to be good at can relieve stress and get the creative juices pumping again. Embrace the experimentation and the mistakes.

3. Mental health check

Just take a minute to stop making and have a little check-in with your own mental health. You might not have even realised you were struggling a little bit while you were rushed off your feet. If you think you need a little help speak to a friend, family member or your doctor.

4. Talk to a friend

Ring a friend and talk until you’ve both put the world to right! Review a recent Netflix show you both loved, chat world events, moan about your other halves to each other and maybe release a bit of gossip you’ve been dying to drop. Having a catch up with your friends is going to release some of that stress you’ve been carrying around and then allow you to let loose the creativity.

5. Pet a cute furry Animal

Did you know it’s a proven fact that petting a dog or cat can lower resting heart rate and increase some of the happy hormones serotonin and dopamine. Furry friends are good for our health and basically make life more bearable. Another form of relaxation to get you ready to start making again. And if you don’t have a pet at home to cuddle, maybe search ‘cute baby animals’ on youtube as a compromise?

6. Have a walk in Nature

Maybe take said pet on a walk with you in nature? Or you could try camping (or glamping?)! Take a moment to breathe in all that fresh air; hopefully it will recharge the creative mojo in your mind and it might even inspire a new creative project.

Many thanks for reading!

By Christina Goodall

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