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The 10 Best Summer Garden Gifts

The Summer is nearly here and it’s probably the Gardeners’ favourite time of the year. Right? I mean all the flowers blooming, the fragrant roses and sweet peas and all that luscious summer vegetables ready to harvest. Not to mention, what’s better than sitting in a garden with the sun beaming and the little birds are tweeting with a nice cold cider. Ahh sounds like heaven, right? Well here are the 10 best Summer Garden gifts to give to garden enthusiast loved-ones in your life so they feel extra special this summer.

1. Birth Flower Seed Box Set

Oh So Cherished

What is more lovely than gifting someone their very own birth flower to grow? It comes with a personalised terracotta pot and tray; engraved plant tag, a packet of seeds and some compacted soil. This is an all-in-one and very personal garden gift perfect for your green-fingered friends and family.


Birth flower seed box set garden gifts

2. Personalised Name Bean Seeds


These really are magic beans! Well, they don’t grow into a giant bean stalk but instead a personalised bean stalk. Which if you ask me, is still pretty cool.

Just place these special beans in soil and watch the name grow up on the bean. Each bean is also engraved with a smiley face on the opposite side. Easy to grow – the perfect garden gift! These beans would be adorable gifts for children wanting to learn more about nature and how things grow.

From £6

personalised name bean seeds

3. Zen Tabletop Garden

Idyll Home

The purpose of a zen garden in Japanese culture was apparently for buddhist monks to meditate from. Now a little more popular in the West, this cute little Zen garden is perfect for that loved one always looking for products to help with their mental health and clarity. I feel like this product would be a great anxiety-reducing activity by raking sand into patterns, the placement of smooth pebbles and growing a small plant to place in your mini Zen Garden. This tabletop version is small enough for tiny flats with not much room or garden.


zen sand tabletop garden

4. Mini Greenhouse Herb Garden Grow Kit

Gift Republic

This is another perfect gift for anyone living in a flat and wanting to try their hand at gardening. With this adorable mini Greenhouse, you can grow a selection of herbs on your windowsill or brighten up your desk in a home office.


mini greenhouse herb garden grow kit garden gift

5. Personalised Copper Tool Set


A beautiful and stylish set of the gardener essentials – this is a copper set of fork and spade with optional trowel. Wonderfully good quality and handy, marked in centimetres and inches to dig the appropriate depth for your beloved plants.

The added bonus of copper being anti-rust, and it might well beautifully patina with age. And also it would make a wonderful gift by personalising the set with person’s name to add that extra special touch.


personalised copper tool set garden gifts

6. Harvesting Basket

all things Brighton beautiful

An attractive vintage-style wire basket for any vegetable gardeners plentiful harvest. Or it would be ideal to carry freshly cut flowers from the garden into the home.

Adding a rustic country style to the home, this basket would be an ideal gift for a keen gardener loved-one.


harvesting wire basket garden gift

7. Personalised Gardener’s Seed Box

Clouds and Currents

This personalised seed box would make a lovely garden gift for anyone with keen interest in planting from seed and needing organisation of their collection.

Made by hand in their Essex workshop, Clouds and Currents creates these beautiful keep-sake customisable seed boxes.

Inside each garden box is four carefully engraved wooden dividers displaying the titles; ‘Veg’, ‘Herbs’, ‘Flowers’ alongside one left blank for you to personalise yourself.


personalised gardeners seed box garden gift

8. Galvanised Watering Can

The Forest & Co

A sleek chic watering can? Yes here it is! And this Powder coated steel (in black or green) is a much more eco-friendly alternative to the plastic version and is the perfect addition in the climate-conscious gardener’s toolshed.

The beautiful brass rose adds a stylish touch and ease of pouring. With a capacity of 10 litres it will be easy to perk up your garden foliage on a warm day.


black galvanised watering can

9. Cast Iron Squirrel Twine Dispenser with Scissors


Made from sturdy cast iron and featuring a cute perched squirrel figurine, this practical string dispenser is the perfect accessory for the keen gardener. Complete with a handy pair of mini scissors, the twine holder comes with a roll of jute string for a variety of tasks around the home and garden. 

To refill the dispenser, simply unscrew the squirrel decoration to the top of the string storage holder, remove the flat topper, replace the twine roll, and then screw the squirrel back into place.


cast iron squirrel twine dispenser with scissors

10. Handmade Ceramic Bird House

Christina Goodall Ceramics

The perfect garden gift for wildlife enthusiasts! Handmade by myself! Thrown on a potters wheel and glazed in a smooth buttery satin white glaze. Perfect to hang on a nail or screw on a garden wall. Just put some bird feed in and watch little birds flock to have some garden grub. And soon enough you will hopefully have a little bird nesting inside.

Comes in a plain style or piped dots decorated style.

Christina Goodall ceramics handmade ceramic bird house in white garden gift


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