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Floral scented handmade Soy Candles

New Product Alert! 🚨 ‘An English Garden’ 💐 Handmade Soy Candles At last, after many months of development. I have finally launched the most beautifully scented soy candles you are gonna have a whiff of this year. Inspired by ‘The…

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The 10 Best Summer Garden Gifts

The Summer is nearly here and it’s probably the Gardeners’ favourite time of the year. Well here are the 10 best Summer Garden gifts to give to garden enthusiast loved-ones in your life so they feel extra special this summer.

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NEW: Margo Margo Ceramic Jewellery

So I might be a bit crazy. I’ve just gone and started my own Porcelain jewellery collection called Margo Margo Jewellery. How they are made The project started in 2020, the year of isolation, when I realised I needed to…

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12 IKEA Products for Pottery

Here are 12 of my favourite Ikea products that I use in my pottery studio. If you are an amateur home ceramicist or a fully fledged studio potter, these Ikea products are going to come in handy to ease your…

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Making Ceramic Gingerbread Ornaments

Christmas is still more than 3 months away and yet I have been making ornaments for the holiday all of this month; here is a little video of me making ceramic gingerbread people ornaments from start to finish. These guys…

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13 Common Potter Mistakes

If you know, you know. That is if you are a potter, you understand my woes. This is 13 Common Potter Mistakes that we have all at some point made in our making process. Clay is a delicate fellow who…

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My 6 Go-to Pottery Throwing Tools

Here are 6 tools I can’t go without when sitting down to throw (as well as my pottery wheel of course!) I’ll let you in on my tried and true favourites. All of these products are available online if you…

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‘Maker’s Block’ Remedies

You’ve probably heard of ‘writer’s block’ but believe me when I say there is also such a thing as ‘maker’s block’. If you’re a crafter or an artist, you have probably already experienced it. When you sit down to make…

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My 10 Go-to Glazing Tools

Glazing might be my least favourite part of making pottery (okay, I actually hate it) and I often heard other potters say the same thing. Glazing can certainly be frustrating to say the least. You make this lovely clay vessel/object…

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The 8 Stages of Clay

This is the 8 stages of clay before it even goes near the kiln. These stages are based on water content and this in turn affects the consistency of the material. Each stage has own it’s uses and techniques available.…

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Pottery Pop-Up

My handmade pottery is on display in the pop-up window of Studio Nine in Totnes this week. A very exciting opportunity! From the 5th to the 10th April, I have the whole window to myself to display my handcrafted work,…

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5 Cake Decorating Tools for Clay

Specialist pottery tools can be expensive and when you need a tool for every task in pottery making, price can quickly add up. So Cake decorating tools can be a good investment when many of them can so easily be…

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