Handcrafted pottery made by Devon based potter Christina Goodall. Thrown on the wheel and decorated by hand using cake decorating piping techniques to create fun, feminine, pastel-toned glazed glazed pottery for the home. There are both decorative and functional handmade ceramics available.

Tea & Coffee

The Tea and Coffee Collection is the place for hot-beverage-loving individuals who can’t start their day without a wakeup cuppa or maybe can’t finish the evening without one. We just need a plate of biscuits now.

Incense & Candle holders

The Incense and Candle holders are a collection of functional and decorative handmade pottery for the use of candles and incense. Light your candle or incense, put your feet up and relax with these beautiful statement-making pieces.

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Vases & Planters

The Vases and Planters Collection is for all the Botany lovers out there, whether it be for a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a favourite pet-plant, this collection is here for you.

The Trellis Collection

Piped clay vines and leaves intertwine over this pottery range to create one of my favourite designs – The Trellis Collection. Add a bit of idyllic english garden into your home with this Collection of pottery.


Made using porcelain clay with shapes carefully cut out and then twice fired twice. These porcelain elements are carefully sanded to a smooth buttery feel. They are then paired with a mixture of freshwater pearls, mother of pearl, Miyuki glass beads and semi-precious gems to create a luxurious feminine accessory.