Tuesday Clay Club Session


Tuesday Torquay Pottery classes. Please choose your date and time slot to book your session. Time slots include 10:00-12:00, 14:00-16:00, and 17:30-19:30.


Torquay Pottery Class

The Clay Club is a weekly* Torquay pottery class where you can learn to make with clay during a 2 hour session. Currently only 6 people per session. This session is running on Tuesdays, with the option of 2-3 time slots. Sessions currently run 1 day a week (keep updated of studio dates by following The Clay Club on Instagram or Facebook).

These sessions are run by local potter and artist Christina. She will assist you during your session to make something with clay. You can learn to hand-build and throw on the wheel (currently only 2 wheels, operating on a first come first serve basis with a 30min max on wheels if more than 1 person is wanting to use).

There is a wide variety of making and decorating tools; as well as colourants and glazes for your clay makes. All students are encouraged to research online on websites like Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration prior to your session although Christina is happy to show you examples as well. We also have many pottery books that maybe good for some inspiration for what to make. OR you can go with the flow and just play and experiment with the clay to make something.

After your Session

You may choose to finish your clay makes during the session or ask Christina to keep for the next week to finish (Unfinished work will be kept wrapped in plastic on the shelving).

Once you have finished your 2 hour session; Christina will tidy up, fire & glaze your finished piece. She will let you know when it’s ready for pick up.

Clay does wash out in the washing machine or can be sponged off. We supply aprons and towels to keep mostly clean during the sessions.

All the clay and firings are included in the introductory price of £16 per 2 hour session.*

Must be 18 years or older due to insurance reasons.

*pottery classes are weekly, you can book and attend these as a regular weekly hobby or attend one class just to experience making pottery

*Due to the price of firing, clay and materials, any items (of wet clay) heavier than 1kg will be charged or recycled (Christina will ask what you prefer) at the end of your session


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Browse other available dates for The Clay Club weekly Sessions and one-off Tasters here.

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12th December, 19th December, 9th January, 16th January, 23rd January, 30th January

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10:00-12:00, 14:00-16:00, 17:30-19:30