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Close up of handmade Christina Goodall ceramics wall vase showing feminine piped decoration in detail. This wall vase is glazed in satin pastel pink glaze.

Handmade femme Pottery

Handmade feminine ceramics Designed for the home.

Made from a little pottery in Torquay, Devon.

These ceramics have been carefully wheel thrown and decorated by hand. Which just gives that extra special touch.

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Close up photo of handmade Christina Goodall thrown vase rim piped with clay decoration and glazed in a pastel peach coloured glaze in home

Handcrafted to make a statement.

From a little studio in Torquay, Devon each piece of Christina Goodall’s handcrafted ceramics are thrown on the wheel and then carefully decorated to create a feminine, delicate yet bold piece of pottery for the home.

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In pottery studio there are raw handmade thrown pottery jars, vases and planters pre firing decorated with piped clay on shelf
Christina Goodall woman artist portrait standing in pottery studio

Christina Goodall

Hello and Welcome! I am a potter and designer living in Torquay, Devon. I love nothing more that making with clay in my little studio.

Piped Frog Vase
with satin pink glaze

Handmade thrown pottery vase with piped feminine clay decoration glazed in pastel pink colour. This vase is displaying dried flowers and blue hydrangeas.
Handmade thrown pottery candlestick with piped clay decoration glazed in satin green glaze with short green taper candle with flame on shelf in home with picture frame behind and matches.

Hand thrown Candlestick
piped and glazed in satin green

Handmade thrown ceramic ring wall vase hanging against white home wall. This vase has been decorated with piped clay leaves decoration glazed in green glaze.

The Trellis Pottery Collection

Lovingly decorated by hand with piped clay vines and leaves intertwining over this hand-thrown pottery range to create one of my favourite designs – The Trellis Collection. 

Add a bit of idyllic english garden into your home with this leafy nature-inspired Collection of pottery.

Upcoming Events

Find out where to find Christina and her ceramics at in-person events and exhibitions.

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Find out which events and exhibitions Christina’s work has been presented at.

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Torquay Pottery Classes

Come along to a pottery workshop from my studio in Torquay, Devon.

Upcoming events will include workshops such as make a mug; assemble porcelain earrings; hand-building for beginners; pressed flowers plaque; Christmas clay ornaments; and have a go throw.

These evening events will be relaxed and fun get-togethers where you can get your hands a bit dirty; begin learning a new skill; play and experiment with clay; and make some new friends with a similar interest to you.

Then, at the end of the workshop events Christina will fire and glaze your new ceramic creations ready to take home a few weeks later to show off to all your friends and family.

set of various pottery tools for clay in Torquay workshop
crop man hands modelling clay bowl on pottery wheel
crop woman hand building clay plate on board during pottery class

These events will be little tasters ideal to those thinking of joining up to pottery classes.

Also, book up a class as a perfect gift for a creative loved one in your life.

Most importantly Christina is keeping these events small of four up to six people for each workshop so that each person has one-on-one tuition from Christina.

Christina Goodall handmade ceramics as seen in The world of Interiors magazine
handmade Christina Goodall ceramics handmade pottery available to purchase on Not on the high-street gift website

Unit 3 Bath Lane,

Torquay, Devon,

United Kingdom



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