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My 10 Favourite Cake Decorators on Instagram 

Prepare yourself for all this delicious piping of colourful frosting. I love the look of piped cakes, reminiscent of motherly baking and celebration. Which inspires my ceramic work greatly (gallery below of some of my work) and I have been keen to learn the traditional piping skills of yesteryear. My learning to pipe has come…

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NEW: Margo Margo Jewellery

So I might be a bit crazy. I’ve just gone and started my own Porcelain jewellery collection called Margo Margo Jewellery. The project started in 2020, the year of isolation, when I realised I needed to try and work from home as much as possible instead of my pottery studio. I decided to start experimenting…

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12 IKEA Products for Pottery

Here are 12 of my favourite Ikea products that I use in my pottery studio. If you are an amateur home ceramicist or a fully fledged studio potter, these Ikea products are going to come in handy to ease your pottery making. Here I share my favourite Ikea hacks from storage ideas to tools for…

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Making Ceramic Gingerbread Ornaments

Christmas is still more than 3 months away and yet I have been making ornaments for the holiday all of this month; here is a little video of me making ceramic gingerbread people ornaments from start to finish. These guys will be a special release on my website shop for Christmas 2020 in the coming…

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13 Common Potter Mistakes

If you know, you know. That is if you are a potter, you understand my woes. This is 13 Common Potter Mistakes that we have all at some point made in our making process. Clay is a delicate fellow who definitely lets you know when it’s not happy. 1. Wedging air into the clay so…

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My 6 Go-to Pottery Throwing Tools

Here are 6 tools I can’t go without when sitting down to throw (as well as my pottery wheel of course!) I’ll let you in on my tried and true favourites. All of these products are available online if you think they might help you throwing those clay shapes. 1. Ribs – These ones aren’t…

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‘Maker’s Block’ Remedies

You’ve probably heard of ‘writer’s block’ but believe me when I say there is also such a thing as ‘maker’s block’. If you’re a crafter or an artist, you have probably already experienced it. When you sit down to make something and feel completely uninspired or your mind feels blocked of creativity and new ideas.…

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My 10 Go-to Glazing Tools

Glazing might be my least favourite part of making pottery (okay, I actually hate it) and I often heard other potters say the same thing. Glazing can certainly be frustrating to say the least. You make this lovely clay vessel/object and then you fire it once, it survives and looks great so far but then…

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The 8 Stages of Clay

This is the 8 stages of clay before it even goes near the kiln. These stages are based on water content and this in turn affects the consistency of the material. Each stage has own it’s uses and techniques available. Clay is so varied in what you can make, and this is hugely due to…

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